Topiderm Sportcare

Topiderm Sportcare

Pannoc has built on its dermatology knowledge to create a range of massage products. Pannoc developed products aimed at patient well-being but also to suit the user, whether physiotherapist or sports counsellor. Many physiotherapists have been using our products for years.

Made in Belgium:
Topiderm Sportcare is 100% authentically Belgian, so you know what you are buying and where it comes from!

Dermatological Quality:
Topiderm Sportcare is primarily a skincare product. Our products are developed with a focus on the skin, which makes them suitable for various skin types of both patients and physiotherapists.

Top quality:
Our Sportcare range is also a Pannoc brand and meets the most stringent quality requirements.

Transparent product line-up:
The Sportcare line-up consists of few products. We have eliminated the unnecessary creating a transparent line-up of products with specific functions that are recognisable by the colour. The range of products consists of blue-cool gel, orange-hot gel, red-hot gel+, purple-massage lotion, yellow-hypoallergenic massage lotion and green-massage oil.

Specifically for athletes:
Physiotherapists as well as keen sportsmen and women choose our products especially our cool and hot gels.

Products with physiological effect:
These products fall in the category of products with physiological effects, because they work on muscles.

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