Topiderm Skincare

Topiderm Skincare


Topiderm Skincare offers a range of excellent products that care for normal, dry and very dry skin. The products are highly suitable for dry, rough, chapped, scabbed or scaly skin.

What makes the Topiderm Brand so special?

Made in Belgium:
Topiderm is 100% authentically Belgian, so you know what you are buying and were the products come from.

Top quality:
Our skin products are produced in accordance with the most stringent quality requirements. This is because Topiderm is a Pannoc brand produced by the renowned pharmaceutical company in the Campine, close to Antwerp, Belgium.  Topiderm is produced to the same quality standards as our pharmaceuticals. This leads to top quality that is at least equal to that offered by French or Swiss skincare laboratories.

No nonsense
Dermatologists have been prescribing our products with confidence for years. Our no-nonsense products solve your skin problems (e.g. dandruff, dry skin), and normal skin also benefits from our products.

For the whole family
And the good news? Topiderm products are suitable for the whole family. Even the little ones!
Our products used to be available exclusively in pharmacies, but you can now purchase them in our very own online shop. They are of course still available in your local pharmacy or online pharmacies.

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