What quality means

What quality means

The highest quality! Pannoc has been manufacturing and distributing its products under that motto for years. Our products are subjected to various stringent quality control measures in order to guarantee excellent quality:

Responsible person within PANNOC
EU law requires a responsible person for every cosmetic product available on the European market. Pannoc NV is the responsible person for our cosmetics. Pannoc guarantees that the product meets all the legal requirements. Pannoc maintains a product information file for each cosmetic product and shares it with competent authorities whenever required. Pannoc constantly monitors legislation to ensure that our products remain consistent with the law and can be safely used.

European cosmetic file
Pannoc has product information files containing the required information on all cosmetic products it produces. This product information file guarantees the safety of our cosmetics. Each product information file contains:

Information on the method of production and a declaration of conformity with Good Manufacturing Practices. Pannoc is a GMP certified pharmaceutical company. Our cosmetics are produced to the same standards as our pharmaceuticals. This ensures that the safety of our products never slips.

A safety report about the product, as described in Article 10 and Annex I of European Regulation No 1223/2009 on cosmetic products. The evaluation was performed by a European certified expert toxicologist.

Our end products are not tested on animals.


GMP guidelines:
Production, packaging and quality assurance of the preparations are performed according to GMP requirements. GMP guidelines (Good Manufacturing Practices) are official international guidelines for pharmaceutical manufacturing. They meet the stringent requirements of good manufacturing, required by the EEA (European Economic Area) and WHO (World Health Organisation) and allow worldwide sales of pharmaceuticals. Pannoc NV is regularly visited by officials from the FAMHP to monitor compliance. The manufacturing department is constantly updated to meet the latest standards.

In-house quality assurance:
Apart from registration of each cosmetic product information file and following GMP guidelines, Pannoc NV also performs its own in-house quality assurance on its final products. All products must meet our quality requirements.
Analysis of the final product involves:

Identity analysis of all raw materials:
control of analysis certificate supplier, visual control (smell, color, texture)

view, pH, viscosity, density: first check (performed at the Pannoc lab)

Microbiological checks:
- Analysis of the total viable count and specific micro-organisms
- Analysis at our own microbiology lab

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