Topiderm/PANNOC Brand

The Topiderm/PANNOC Brand

Excellence and effectiveness. Two keywords central to the Topiderm line-up. Topiderm offers highly effective products that can be used for all skin types and come in three main categories: 

TOPIDERM/PANNOC SKINCARE offers a range of excellent products that care for dry to very dry skin, and normal skin also benefits from our products. Topiderm offers products ranging from day cream to bath oil, extensive but not excessive and easy for you to find the right products that fit you.

TOPIDERM SPORTCARE offers five products that are particularly suitable for massages including after sport. The products are ideal for physiotherapists to use in their treatments, also keen athletes can benefit from our products.

Our LUBRICANTS are no nonsense and do what they are designed to do without any unnecessary additives like flavours and fragrances. This avoids the risk of allergic reactions and allows the products to be used safely.

Excellent quality

Our products deliver on their promises and solve your skin problems. We do not claim anything that we do not deliver. Moreover, our products are 100% safe. Excellent quality is our foremost concern. Our products have been on the market for almost 40 years and we have hardly received any complaints ever. That is the proof that we deliver excellent quality.
Therefore you can use our products with confidence. 

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