About Pannoc

About Pannoc

Pannoc, Center of Excellence in Dermatology & Topical production


Made in Belgium
Pannoc NV is an independent Belgian pharmaceutical family business dedicated to developing, packaging and selling pharmaceuticals, medical devices and cosmetics including creams, ointments, gels, lotions and solutions. The manufacturing site is located in Olen. Our products are therefore authentically Belgian, so you know what you are buying and where it comes from!

Dermatological Quality
Driven by product excellence, Pannoc always aims further development of the right skincare products. The products are never driven solely by aesthetics but focus on problem skin or skin that demands extra attention. Our products are known by dermatologists and dermatologists prescribe our products with confidence. We put patients that use our products first, and we work with dermatologists, pharmacists and doctors to identify solutions that help improve patients’ quality of life 
Dermatologists have trusted our products for their patients for almost 40 years. Pharmacists still use our ointment bases in their pharmacies every day.

Where it all started
Pannoc NV was founded in 1978 when industrial pharmacist Guido Spaas developed a new product against acne. This product, called Pannogel - now renamed Pangel, was not alcohol based like all other anti-acne products containing benzoyl peroxide but water based. This was an entirely new concept in Europe and made Pannogel far less aggressive to skin than other products. The well-known German company Schering was interested in this product and bought the Pangel licence for Germany which provided Pannoc NV with the necessary cash to allow it to grow further. Pannoc NV started out in Bilzen, Limburg, but quickly moved to Herentals. In 1988, Pannoc NV relocated to its current location in Olen in the Campine, about 40 kilometres from Antwerp. Pannoc NV now employs 15 people who, together with temporary staff, are responsible for the production, development and sale of our high-quality product range.

Working at Pannoc
Pannoc was founded in 1978 and has since developed into a prosperous SME. Pannoc has constantly grown through the years. Pannoc aims to offer its employees a company where humans are valued and where honesty and respect for others are key. We have ensured steady growth so that our employees can rely on a stable work environment. The various departments within Pannoc work together closely and direct communication remain possible because of the company’s physical size.

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