Pannoclean 150ml - 503

Pannoclean 150ml


Pannoclean Cleansing Gel Pannoclean effectively cleanses skin with pimples and removes impurities from the skin (face and body). Indications: Suitable for skin with pimples and blackheads Ideal for daily cleansing Properties: The ground rice grains in the gel have a mild scrubbing effect, which cleanses the skin down to the deepest pores. It removes dirt,excess sebum and dead skin very gentle,without an abrasive effect. The protective lipid layer of the skin is not damaged. The pimples are not opened,meaning that further spreading of the pimples is limited. Pannoclean is a cosmetic product of Pannoc,a Belgian pharmaceutical company that works according to the most stringent quality requirements. PannoCARE - Tough on pimples,kind to skin

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