Zinc Ointment Pannoc 1kg - 469

Zinc Ointment Pannoc 1kg


Zinc cream Pannoc is a protective cream that restores and softens the skin. Indications: · To be used to calm the red skin or irritations in case of baby rash (babies, elderly people) · Can also be used other types of skin irritations (like fever bladder...) Properties: · Zinc oxide 10% brings a protective layer on the skin, with a slightly dry out effect, to protect the skin from exterior aggressors. · The cream also contains vaseline that hydrates the skin and keeps the skin moisturized so it feels soft. · The zinc ointment helps an easy recovery of the damaged skin by constricting the skin. It also has a cooling down impact. Ingredients: Petrolatum - Zea Mays Starch - Paraffinum Liquidum - Zinc Oxide - Lanolin - Cetearyl Alcohol

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