Lubrilan 40 ml - 14

Lubrilan 40 ml


LUBRILAN, the vaginal water-based lubricant par excellence, has been especially developed to effectively and easily remedy any dryness problems you may have been suffering from while engaging in sexual intercourse. Properties: - For him and her - Non-oily (contains no oil or silicone), Water-based - Combination of 2 skin-friendly lubricants in a clear and odourless gel - Significantly reduced vaginal residue - Neutral pH (5-7), adapted to standard use - Completely neutral, does not cause blotching - Does not degrade condoms - Does not affect the sperm-quality - Contains no contraceptive properties - Safe to use and exceptionally tolerant - Recommended by gynaecologists Use: For external use. Lubrilan can be used without problems and remains active quite a long time. Apply a small amount of gel to your fingers and then to your genitalia. Repeat as often as desired.

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