Topiderm Day cream 50 ml - 10

Topiderm Day cream 50 ml


Topiderm® Day Cream protects, nurtures and hydrates dry skin (face and neck). Indications: - Suitable as a maintenance treatment for dry skin. - For anyone who wants young, healthy and hydrated skin. - Protects skin exposed to the skin unfriendly elements (dry atmosphere, harsh winds, freezing cold). Properties: - The lactic acid, a known moisturising factor, present in the product ensures that moisture remains in the stratum corneum (outer layer of the epidermis). The skin will feel soft and pliable. - Panthenol in the form of pro-vitamin B5 improves the skin's condition, strength and vitality. - Contains bisabolol with softening properties. - The cream feels less greasy and is pleasant to use (fast absorption due to the use of low-density paraffin oil). - O/W emulsion, pH = 5-7. Use: For external use. Apply to cleansed skin in the morning or several times a day if necessary and gently massage with the fingertips. Do not apply to open wounds or mucus membranes.

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